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Be as it may, Greece, Portugal and Spain will go back to the second-tier Europe where they were not long ago.

Actually, if Germany paid the debt they owe Greece – Greece would actually have a surfeit of money.

In December when discussing the possibilty of EU help for Greece, Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance, had the arrogance in an interview with Das Bild to say “we Germans cannot pay for the mistakes of the Greeks”.

However he seems to have overlooked the slight ‘mistakes’ Germany made in Greece during their 4-year occupation during the war.
They destroyed all the bridges, ports, government buildings etc., in fact decimated Greece’s entire infrastructure. The result was so devasting that in 1958 at an International Peace Conference in Paris, Germany was ordered to pay Greece 7,100 billion$ for all the damages they caused. They never have.

They also wiped out (murdered) half a million of Greece’s men leaving most villages with just old women and female children. In many cases they just torched the whole village with everyone in it.

For a small and relatively-poor country like Greece, this destruction of its infrastructure and working-male population made it difficult to say the least as far as Greece trying to get back on its feet after the war.
This is on top of Germany ‘acquiring’ a 3,500 billion$ ‘loan’ from Greece in 1943 which they have also never repaid.

This makes 10,600 billion $ they owe Greece (that’s without considering the interest). Greece’s current 270 billion $ debt is a dot in the ocean compared to what Germany owe.

The same Wolfgang Schäuble said recently:
“”Greece must correct the errors of the past, there is no way around that……Greece cannot be spared from correcting its own mistakes……”
So pay the money you owe for your errors of the past – then Greece would be out of their debt crisis!

As Greece’s debts and financial troubles are being compared almost daily now to Spain, just thought I’d throw in a few facts that may – or may not – be of interest. 😀

What about the money that Russians are supposed to pay for their damage on Eastern Europe? Millions of people died after 1945 because their food was taken and sent to feed the USSR. Some countries like DDR were under USSR-ocupation until 1989.

Do you also know that the Russians raped and killed almost all the women which did not hide during their fight towards Berlin?

I agree that Germans were the losers but…