Reply To: Poll of expats – stay or go?

Fuengi (Andrew)

@katy wrote:

Fuengi the Lawyers were more to blame for what happened than the Estate Agents. The Colegio should be looking at themselves and offering indemnity and striking some off. People should realise that an agent is only for the purpose of introducing clients. Some British who set up shop (not the coast the inland pueblos) would not have been qualified to get a job in Boots, yet they were offering one-stop shops.

I don’t disagree. I was just refering to one group of lawyers that are specificly targeting this aspect.
Not too long ago I mentioned to lawyer why they are not cleaning up their image in regards to this. Their answer? No lawyer wishes to bring a case against another lawyer for malpractices as they would get a ‘reputaiton’ amongst other lawyers and could have trouble doing business.
Now I’m not saying this is the case, but this was her answer to me anyway.

@katy wrote:

If you claim that speaking spanish is a survival through hard times why have many spanish agencies shut their doors too? I know a Finnish/russian/english/spanish speaker and he has been out of work for more than 6 months. Some estate agents are surviving by property management, others working in bars.

I don’t claim speaking spanish will lead to survival. But not speaking spanish is going to make your life harder, and make your market substantially smaller, in general anyway.
About your friend (?) I have no idea why he can’t find the job he wants. Not my place to guess.

@katy wrote:

Re, decree 218. Do you know if many are abiding by this? A spanish friend/neighbour implemented it immediately but I know of one who doesn’t.

Some are some are not.
All i know is that I know of 2 agencies have been fined due to not having everything in order.