Reply To: Poll of expats – stay or go?


I’m one of those who have a foot in both camps.

I’m very happy with my purchase but am fully aware that it was more by luck than anything else that I didn’t have any problems.

I know I’ve lost money, that’s OK as I didn’t buy as an investment & I have no plans to sell. I don’t have a mortgage & I don’t want to rent. I know that it would be cheaper but I want my own place, my furnishing, my decor & my things. I accept this is costing me.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future so if I have to sell I will have to take a loss.

I see all around me people who have suffered.

My property is at La Torre on Polaris World (yes I know, it isn’t for everyone & I’ve heard all the comments about PW).

Every time I visit I go past Trampolin Hills, where 2900 buyers, mostly Brits, have been conned out of very large sums of money.

There are 11,000 properties in the Almanzora valley that have been declared illegal, years after they were completed & occupied, because of retrospective laws.

So far, only a few properties have been demolished, but the threat is hanging over thousands of people who did everything that anyone could be expected to do to ensure their property was legal.

Surely there is way on this forum for people to express their views, positive & negative without the personal insults that appear sooner or later.

From a selfish point of view, I know that the problems have affected me, I see the number of properties at La Torre for sale, that will damage me if I want to sell.

I see businesses closing & prices going up.

I’m visiting friends outside Malaga in March & my car hire is double what it cost me last March. Eating out is also going to cost more. This has to damage tourism.

Yet, I still love Spain, I have no plans to live in Spain but I visit as often as I can.

I find the unrestrained postive attidute of some posters as off putting as the unrestrained negative attitudes of others.

Let us have a genuine debate without the destructive comments than will ruin this forum.