Reply To: Expats thinking of returning home


I am not sure if it will happen again, would only buy for lifestyle. I wouldn’t buy anything on the spanish costas built after cerca 2000. Built before that are probably legal and most were built with a bit of pride and character. Even right now I don’t think anyone could lose out if they bought by about 2000, they could reduce drastically and still walk away in profit.

Wow aren’t I Ms Positive this morning 😯 Not brown nosing, will only last until something winds me up. Another story…do let me know if I am boring y’all.

Irish friends from Dublin were looking for a holiday apartment (about 1997) . They did everything wrong, bought from a man in a bar! Older type and has it’s own private garden. On the sea side of Elviria. £28,000. About 18 months ago, having financial difficulties back home they put it on sale at 250,000 euro. I thought the price was OTT. Of course, it didn’t sell. In summer they reduced the price and it was finally sold at 179,000.

I really don’t think prices have bottomed out yet remembering last time. But if looking for a real bargain, don’t look at anything built within the past 7 years or so.