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. Despite all the gloom coming out of the USA the malls and restaurants are full in Florida (well the part I was in). There are also more visitors from Northern Europe now. The Andalucian Tourist board has been coming under criticism recently by Spaniards as to their promotion skills, is is claimed they are focusing too much on flamenco and Tapas!

Our cruise beginning the week after Christmas was overbooked, we were offered a refund and 50% off another cruise. According to a cruise forum others had been contacted too. Both our flights from the UK were completely full. Flights UK to Kenya were full last year and we never travel main holiday peaks.

If people aren’t choosing Spain for their holiday they are unlikely to be buying property

As money become sparce, people will go to the cheapest overall destination for their holidays. In 2010 there is no cheaper destination with good weather than Spain.
£1000 for a family of four for 2 weeks including car/beachfront apartment rental + food+ flights in July-August cannot be beaten.

Of course buying is a total different issue.