Reply To: This forum in 2010 and beyond


Goodstich, please reread my post. You have taken it completely out of context.
I believe that to generalise that every lawyer, builder, mayor etc in Spain is corrupt is not mearly “silly” but morally wrong.

However we all have a duty to warn any prospective buyer in Spain where, and by whom, we personally know the system to be corrupt or flawed, and to do that ethically we can only speak as we find or direct folk to the appropriate links.
Certainly I believe it a disgrace that those who entered into contracts, whether in UK or Spain, have been duped not just by the corruption in their chose locale but by lawyers who have taken more money to fight court cases they knew had little chance of success.

Having unfortunately tested the long winded County Court route in UK I have no desire to attempt such here but do have a Spanish friend who took the litigation route against his builder.It was in Barcelona. Case and judgment (for) resolved within weeks.

Whether or not that was because he is Spanish or the Barcelona court system more efficient I have no idea.