Reply To: Polaris World in bankrupcy protection


@Janha wrote:

Rumours persist that PW will pull out of this as they have so many holdings they can transfer in leiu of debts. But, the rumours would say that. Also continuing reports that purchasers are transfering from the unbuilt Terrazes de la Torre to key ready properties on Condado de Alhama- I read of four yesterday and had already heard of others. This means the PW gets the money rather than the purchaser having to wait at the bottom of the pile for PW to stump up and return deposits. Buyers are finding that the golf view Penthouse apartments and Los Isla apartments which previously were slightly beyond reach have now come into their price range. Property agents report that PW properties coming from the banks property arm are moving because of favourable mortgages being available. At Hacienda de Alamo Polaris have suddenly swung into action and have builders back working on the town centre.

But, still no official news other than PW are still in negotiations.

The work has started Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort NOT Hacienda de Alamo