Reply To: Expats thinking of returning home



Hi Agoreira, I moved to Spain for the chance of a better life for myself and young family. After moving around the UK for years (I am british born and bred) I experienced attempted violence and fear for my kids in the mid 90’s UK.

Luckily none of us were harmed – my parents had a place here and we gave it a try before decideing whether to stay in Spain, return to the UK or carry on to Oz.

We stayed and have carved a life out for ourselves. My kids have more freedom than they could have had back in UK and its something they themselves comment on after returning from family visits there.

The point I was merely trying to point out was when the chap who caught the person responsible for terrorizing his family and beat him (UK), he himself was jailed, as have others been who attempted to protect themselves and their property, whereas in Spain the alternative is the case, which surely is as it should be.

Whislt the chap was finally released in the UK – he will have a criminal record and an awful experience. His business suffered as did his family yet again!

After all the Spain bashing there has been of late, I just wanted to highlight something different!