Reply To: Expats thinking of returning home


Totally agree with you Chris.

I and my family came to live in spani 16 years ago this february. My husband at the time alongside his electirical business ran a very successful smal man and van operation.

He lost track of how many times he moved people in and our of accomodation, back to the UK, in and out of bars and other businesses within a few months or weeks of starting! Many as they did not do their homework properly and were not able to pay their bills after a few weeks!

And this was in the boom time!

On another note – has anyone seen the article in the Costa de Sol news. page 3? A Malaga court has dropped charges against a home owner from Alhaurin de la Torre who shot and killed 2 armed intruders in 2009. The court found the man had acted in self defence.

One of the many reasons I choose to live here than the UK!