Reply To: The future of Murcia



The Entertainer (Wednesday 20 January 2010) states:
“A consortium of Chinese businessmen is to build a tourist/residential/business complex just outside the Murcian town of Lorca, with an investment of about a billion euros according to reports. Building to start in 2011, the 300Ha complex will include a Chinese-themed leisure park, some 2,000 homes, shops, a five star hotel, a casino, a golf course and a business area of around 19 hectares slated to become the central foothold for Chinese business in Europe”.

Well that will certainly have an up-market effect on the area.
Chinese lanterns lighting up the night sky, Chinese dragons everywhere coupled with the smell of Chop Suey wafting in the air – lovely! Just what people want when they go to Spain.
Marks asks: “…will living or holidaying on golf developments in Murcia still appeal to British buyers”?
If they like Chinese food they’ll love this one…..

Meanwhile, google these 3 words: Spain Murcia corruption and enjoy a good read.
Spain has to first sort out the illegal properties otherwise people will simply feel their legal documents (building licences, bank gurarantees, contracts) cannot be trusted. They can’t build a new dream on quicksand.

So there we have it from Team D&G (doom and gloom).
Now it’s the turn of Team O&H (optimistic and hopeful) for that much-craved for balance.