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I’m afraid I have to jump in and say that I have an apartment 5kms south of Torre and it is near beach and all of that. .

My comments were based on my personal experiences. I first stayed at Villamartin about 15 years ago, and it was OK, but nothing great. My wife commented after we had sat there for about an hour having a meal, I haven’t heard anyone speaking Spanish yet! Went back about 5-6 years ago and I could not believe how congested and built up it had become. You hit the roundabout at La Zinnia, and the queue into Torre starts there, and you struggle to park when you get to Torre, after having passed some industrial looking beaches on the right. The beach, La Zinnia? is crowded, restaurants are crowded, and with the most surly Spanish waiters I have ever met. Playa Flamenca? Sorry, I won’t ever be going back, even as a visitor.