Reply To: Considering first Spanish property, advice please.


quote=”katy”]Being honest I don’t think you have enough money right now. Sometimes we have to accept that. I did when I fell in love with a £760 pair of Jimmy choos :wink:[/quote]

Spain as an investment at present is a no go area.
The much advertised a place in the sun auction on 13 dec in uk did not take place as there was no interest in any of the properties.

These were all new key ready properties within 40 mins of an airport and 15 mins from a beach.
All fully documented and many with no reserves.
This is the state of the investment in spanish property.
If you have the money to purchase without finance and are buying for a lifestyle choice then it is a good time to purchase if you can acquire a good property in a good area outside of these half deserted ghettos at a keen price.
I got to agree with Katy keep on dreaming.