Reply To: Considering first Spanish property, advice please.

mark wrote:
Torrevieja is the kind of place where you should rent for 6 months before buying. Check you aren’t making a terrible mistake.


Absolutely right Mark. Torrevieja is like Benidorm, one either loves it or hates it.

A friend of mine bought in Torrevieja did everything wrong, basically bought the first place he was shown, his wife and kids moved in later ,within 10 days he was given an ultimatum by his wife”It is Torrevieja ,or me” within hours they moved to a town near Benidorm ,but this time only rented stayed for four years then went back to the UK. Who said love is dead?.

Concerning the original post, I agree with other posters that prices in Spain will at best stay still for any period of up to 5 years, supply is so far ahead of demand no way can prices go up. It is always difficult when one has a dream to do something, there is always the worry “If only we had done that, things would be better” I suggest you save as much money as you can for say 5 years then think of buying a more expensive property, where lets will be easier,in a coastal area it is lovely to wake up in the fields of a rural property but to provide rental income forget it. Spain has major problem with its tourist industry ,due to the high Euro Spain is certainly not competitive on price, plenty of other countries offer beautifull beaches, countryside at half the price.

Good luck to you, I hope you achieve your dream, but as I have written on this forum many times, take your time, do not believe everything you are told, rent first for as long a period as you can to see if you like the area , in a nutshell Caveat Emptor.