Reply To: Considering first Spanish property, advice please.




I’m afraid I have to jump in and say that I have an apartment 5kms south of Torre and it is near beach and all of that. I don’t live in an english ghetto – it is very cosmopolitain and I choose that particularly urbanisation for that reason. Spanish, belgian, german, dutch, norwegian and scandanavian, Irish and english all live side by side. True there are some urbs near by and no disrespect to english people but I wonder why do they ever leave their country – it’s like little england. Just be careful where you are choosing rather than putting a price bracket on as so many people do nowadays. Of course try and get as place as cheap as you can but research the urbanisation if that’s what you want, the area. The area where I bought is between Punta Prima and Playa Flemenca and has great facilities. Some people never speak a word of spanish while there, I do and first thing I did was to do spanish lessons here in Ireland so at least if I can converse even be it ever so slightly in the language.