Reply To: Zapatero Gets a Rocket on ‘illegal homes’


I bet ZP is barely aware of this situation. Might even be news to him. He’s mainly interested in talking about ‘solidarity’ but he doesn’t do much to solve real problems. Typical socialist.

It’s a shame she said the Priors lost their home to the ley de costas. It’s actually far worse than that. They lost their home for no good reason other than gross incompetence by the regional government. And I wish she had pointed out that these people are losing their homes despite having planning permission from a branch of the Spanish state.

But even if ZP wanted to, there’s not much he can do about this. Thanks to Spain’s system of regional autonomy, authority over these matters lies with regional governments. He doesn’t have formal power over these issues (though of course he can influence his fellow socialists in power in Andalucia).