Reply To: Considering first Spanish property, advice please.



Have a look here Just select your region.

You can select English. This is a private sales website. Of course some properties are advertised by agents, but not that many. I sold my property through it, and I think it’s the best Spanish site (from a usability perspective).

Andulacia has good winter weather. But it’s not the more sophistictaed part of Spain. Personally if I was buying again I would buy in Majorca, it really is a beautiful Island.

It terms of renting, my advise would be forget it. It really would not be worth the effort, and I expect that you would make nothing, in fact I think you would be in loss after 25% tax on ALL income imposed by the tax office (no costs allowed).

If you buy into an established community I expect you will have none of the problems on this site with regard illegal builds.

Try and avoid a Spanish Bank for the loan, they seem to charge what they like in terms of costs and as non-spanish you will be at an disadvantge.

Good luck.