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Chris M

@man in Marbella wrote:

So Mr Mccarthy, are you involved with Viva (La Viva, your Viva, whatever the name is now) or not? You seem to be up to speed with whats going on there but have previously denied any involvement. I know you like transparity!
Also, if a client does not want viva to promote their property on the web page and in the magazine, and does not want to have professional photographs done and does not want be known as a vendor with a real commitment to sell and does not want to be loved by the Viva team – what exactly would THEY get by listing their property with you (sorry with Viva)?
Just out of interest, what does it cost to be a “HP Vendor”

I have covered my involvement with the VIVA team on other threads and been as transparent as I can be about it.

I have never denied any involvement, I have always said that I support them, back them in everything they do, and will help them in any way I can, they are an incredibly committed and good group of guys and gals. I would do anything for them, unpaid and unofficial at this time, it is my time and energy and I am free to spend that where I will. So long as it doesn’t interfere with my life largely being in the UK now with my family.

As for listing, my understanding is that they won’t turn any interest from any Vendor away, and will list any property under the old terms and conditions, will put it on the website and show it certainly if they think it is a good property.

But they are not interested to just list anything and everything as of old. They do not wish to be a vehicle for someone with a property, who wants to say ask €500,000 when its true value might be €250,000 I think I said earlier their view is of quality rather than quantity, but they talk to everyone regardless.

Costs vary from somewhere between 200 – 950 or so for entry into HP, and well worth it too I think, the last issue was some 230 pages, was absolutely ram packed with great articles and information all about the CDS also, and would not have come cheap to produce, but will have presented peoples homes and their value in an incomparable way.

I don’t think I have every heard anyone say anything other than HOT Properties is an amazing publication really.