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Chris M

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the point of a heading is to warn of the very real dangers. People can find as much positive info’ from you and many others as they wish, but surely they must be armed first with the dreadful reality of Spain’s lack of implemented law and justice that’s taken for granted in northern euro countries.

Having all legal documents, being in the right, winning a long court case etc, often stands for nothing when buying in Spain as you well know. Nothing to do with opinion, just hard fact that all should be made very aware of. Then it’s up to them!

You are right, be warned of the dangers and the reality.

And be aware of what some have suffered, but then again I read yesterday of someone who has taken off with a whole bunch of money selling properties I think in Cyprus, from premises in the UK, and nobody seems to have had any redress there.

The vast, vast majority of people that have bought homes in Spain over the past 40 odd years have done so with nothing like the complications you have, in fact i think today is probably as a result of instances such as yours, the safest and most secure time to buy in Spain.