Reply To: This forum in 2010 and beyond


@alanrthornton wrote:


That is a reply from someone who calls other members’ posts “garbage”, tells them to “shut up” and accuses them of being “thick”.

Many threads have gone off course by this type of constant antagonising and even mocking those caught up in the corruption at any opportunity but – as Steve says – actually never makes any contribution to any debate. Mark is trying to make a fresh start for the forum – you continuing to critcise members is not the way to go.

Alan, in all seriousness, you do sound like a broken record with this constant sniping at members. Can you not just stick to debating?
And again, in all seriousness, going by your past posts you are not in a position to cry “insult!”. As you said once, “i enjoy the swearing and hostility” which is why I suspect you are here. Prove to me that I am wrong, from now on just omit your sniping at members (then you won’t get any back and feel insulted or feel ‘shot down’) and stick to the subject in question.

You are going through a procedure yourself in Spain, obtaining planning permission and dealing with the local Town Hall re. your piece of land. Why not share this experience on the fourm as you go through this, it could help others in the same position.