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You pontificate about ‘the market’ and ‘hard facts’ but how much do you really know beyond your street? What continuous research and property visits around Spain do you base your sweeping statements on? What about upmarket sea-view homes in Ibiza? Top end plots in Mallorca? Masias in the Costa Brava? Flats in the Born in Barcelona? Luxury villas in La Moraleja and designer flats in Chueca? Traditional stone houses in Galicia, Cantabria and Asturias? Detached properties in La Peña in Tarifa? Fincas in Extremadura? Hunting estates in Cadiz? Do you know for a fact that nobody is buying these things today? I’ve been doing a lot of market research all over Spain recently, and there’s a lot more going on than you think. Of course the heat has gone out of the market, and prices and transactions are down, but there are plenty of buyers getting great deals today. I pasted this from the thread that was locked as I was holidaying in Florida with little time to reply. I didn’t think I did “Pontificate” just give an opinion. I actually do know quite a bit about Spain having a Spanish Grandfather, a year at Uni in Sevilla and worked three months in a spanish bank. I was visiting Spain before I can remember, my parents owned property and I have many (albiet distant) relatives in Madrid. Most of the places you mention will not appeal to the majority of ex-pats…and I do know most of the areas you mention, not just my street in Marbella! However, there is nothing better than being on the shop-floor to see what is happening, better than googling and research so naturally I use that area as an example. The Spanish will , of course still buy, their houses don’t seem to be declared “illegal” (note the large structure next to the Priors owned by a local spanish politician!) for the average ex-pat buying in Spain will only be a trickle, you may get negativity out of the forum but even the Mail and Telegraph are reporting these incidents. Infact the coverage in the Mail was so expertly put it could only have been written by an ex-pat 😉