Reply To: Spanish property scams in perspective


@katy wrote:

I agree Goodstich, clearly Mark is making an effort to change the focus of the forum which is very negative (not suprisingly!!) The hard fact is there is no “insight” into the spanish property market…no-one is interested in buying except maybe a few fools and dreamers…it’s sell, sell 😥

Very sweeping statement, I would not consider myself either a fool or a dreamer, for me the main two things Spain has is weather and journey times from the UK and as far as I know none of that has changed. This forum and others gave me some very useful information and did indeed give me an insight into Spanish property

It’s a fact that people are still buying property in Spain and with the current economic climate the people that can still afford to buy cant be all dreamers and fools, these people will know what has gone on and is going on in Spain, the facts will be that they will buy because they feel it the best thing for them to do at this time. It may not meet your requirements to be of sane mind but it doesn’t have to, its there life and there money.