Reply To: Spanish property scams in perspective



Mark, however much you may want to sweep the negative path that flows through this forum under the radar, the above article in todays Mail shows that negative stories are still very much prominent in the media. Most people reading it will not be thinking about the precise areas in Spain you talk about when they read these horror stories. They just see the word “SPAIN” and will probably regard all of Spain as being corrupt to the core. Whilst I recognise that there are people who live in other parts of Spain, the Costas have been 99% topical on this forum. I think you have enjoyed the popularity of this forum when the s*** hit the fan re the corruption debacle. Now you want to change its content. The hard facts are that 5+ years down the line peoples lives have been ruined by the theft of their money by corrupt Spanish authorities and 5+ years down the line they are no closer to seeing justice. I know of people who have won their Court cases, the money paid into the bank and over 6 months on have still not received it from the Procurator!
I also, think your attack on Goodstich is unfair and unwarranted. As you have told me often enough, it’s an open forum. Take the bad with the good. I’m sure, as we “speak” you are preparing an article on “The other uncorrupt side of Spain” 😉