Reply To: Spanish property scams in perspective




the reply from mark was no surprise. A similar attitude to mark’s on the current situation is I’m sure shared by many people, hence the problems are often still not being dealt with, despite the good work of those doing their best to raise awareness. Until the majority of people ”bang on about it” not only on here, but of course to those in positions that should be able to force change, then being in a sort of denial will probably mean little or at best very slow change I feel.

We all know about corruption throughout the world, but surely what we are most concerned about on this site, is with the current Spanish property industry and how people who have bought in Spain are dealing with the current situation and the action needed to force change to a system that’s clearly wronged so many and has damaged the costa’s so badly in many ways.

As long as people would rather deflect blame, deny how serious the situation is for many, or prefer to highlight other areas of concern, in other countries, then the ugly facts of Spain’s property industry are likely to stay that way!