We are reading that PW have resolved their finances- Villacashback is one site that holds that info. Other companies are reporting debts have been cleared- we wait for official PW confirmation though.

However it appears they have so many holdings to transfer that its likely they will be able to slim the company by redistribution and thereby escape insolvency this time- we will see. It may not be a bad thing if they go to the wall. The resort as it stands is virtually autonomous and at least we may get more of the shop units taken by local companies.

In relation to what Lyn says- I’m not sure which Jardin you were buying in but in Jardines de Alhama and Naranjos de Alhama all the apartments have been built and completed a year ago. No changes to the layout, number and design of the apartments occurred from the plans. However in Jardin 5 and Jardin 12 Jardines de Alhama only one pool was put in each instead of two. PW said this was in an effort to improve their ‘green’ rating and part of their continued consultation with Local Govt, they also continue to use the ‘off plan’ excuse that modifications can be made to designs. Truly ‘buyer beware’ but the design plan you sign also states this.

The only properties not built have been Mirador de Alhama and the Golf Suites- they were not even started, not a brick, but that wasnt where you were buying. Lyn- I’d suggest you continue trying to contact PW Customer Services because it doesnt sound like you have been given accurate or even clear information. People often report that PW customer relations leave a lot to be desired. The only things that were not installed were those pools- I think your translater has misled you when reading the document.

I imagine you have a property number for each apartment you were buying and its likely that you can even identify these properties. MurciaGolfProperties (or similar title) seem to be PW’s/Spanish Banks company selling unsold or failed contract properties- you can at least find views of each Jardin on those sorts of sites and clearly see that they have not missed out any apartments, infact these were built before it came to light they were not putting in the two pools in those Jardins- and at one time you were planning to sign completion for them so they had to exist and you had a property number. Unfortunately there are still several pool view apartments available across all the Jardines that might have suited you if only Polaris had kept you more informed at the time.