Reply To: Polaris World near bankruptcy



Most of the CdA ‘services’ are franchised out, Adminstration, gardening, rubbish collection, maintenance- they are not PW. The supermarket is UPPERs but has PW’s name on it. The Al Kasar shopping centre is PW’s so yes they need to be bought out but truly the whole place is up and running no half built, incomplete properties- not one. The sports facilities have apparently have Intercontinental at the helm and they are supposed to be building the golf clubhouse and a hotel (we’ll see how that pans out) not PW. The apartments unsold are all key ready and there are no skeletons of buildings on the horizon. Its actually a cracking resort and the golf course (which is only green where it has to be, the rest is desert design) and since 22nd or 23rd Dec has been used constantly- no commercial adverts yet either, just word of mouth.

PW seem to have pulled out all the stops to get this resort to a point where its viable and therefore has appeal to purchasers. PW have a lot of retail influence and local reliance so we hope they pull out of this as its important for the region.

The sorrow will be for the other resorts if people have just paid deposits on off plan properties and they are not built – thats where PW could be failing their customers.