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$1,300+ per month per person? 😀 Are you talking about people with cancer, leukemia or permanent disability? The highest sum I have heard was $800/month for a family of 3. I only paid $40/month for a family of 4 (I think it was 10% of the actual cost, the rest was paid by my employer). Also, the medical care there is muuuuch better than the NHS.

I lived there 15 years and most of what you say does not make much sense. Do you have friends living in ghettos there? Where I lived (in Miami, Boston and San Francisco areas) things were quite smooth, never had any problems.

What you present is relevant for people who would be interested in the poorest areas. But who would move there? Would you live in UK in drug-infested areas?
Guess not…

I agree Flos. Over the top drivel except for the point about “aliens” . If health care is so bad in the USA how do they remain top in many stats life expectancy for cancer survival etc.

My Sister has lived there (happily) for years, we lived there for a time and the people were the friendliest of all the countries we have lived in. Don’t recognise it at all 🙄