Reply To: This forum in 2010 and beyond




I think we all hear what you are saying, and as such the replies themselves are mostly positive. The grim reality for many though is as described in many of the posts, and if the majority are negative then that speaks for itself. What is the alternative?, a site for those only with positive experience?

I feel charlies ‘pitfalls in a nutshell’ thread should be locked at the top above your locked thread. It tells it as it is and gives very good warning that could save much misery. I think we all know the positive side of Spain, that’s why we all wanted to buy or move there, and it’s great to read the positive posts as long as they are not in denial of the problems many face through the now many reported faults in the system.

In the same way, there’s no point in those of us who have had bad experience being in denial of those who are happy with their lot. It looks like sour grapes and comes over as not wanting to see any balance.

I think the site finds it’s own balance. When the boom was in full swing, and the majority had no idea of just how bad the lack of regulation and corruption was, or the problems getting justice, then there were many more positive posts and those posting realistic but negative were told they were ”doom mongers”. The doom mongers have since been proved right as charlie’s ‘pitfalls’ thread describes very clearly. When the Spanish property situation improves, I think the mood will once again be reflected on supurb sites such as this. In the meantime thanks heavens most people are keeping it real!!