Reply To: Bad news for all holiday home owners



A short while ago I asked the question on here ‘do websites earn income through commercialism, ie property sales etc, media stories’, but this was unanswered.

This type of site is quite cheap to run and maintain depending on your understanding of things IT and Internet. The software this site uses is free

Hosting about £50 p.a. the rest is down to how much help you need to keep it running, it would appear that this site used a spanish firm called

As for income well that’s Google AdSense and while it would always be difficult to estimate the value of the the site without a lot of information, the basic principle is that the site would earn a small (less than £1.00) each time an ad is clicked on the page.

Google will not allow you to earn money if just one person sat at his/her computer all day and just clicked at the ads, as they log the (IP) address of any computer clicking an ad.

I would guess looking at the same old names on here (no offence intended) Mark is not earning a bean from the site.



Merry Christmas by the way from a happy owner