Reply To: Bad news for all holiday home owners


it would seem fair if the biggest polluters paid the lions share, and every polluting country should contribute on that scale?

If GB had pledged half that amount, and countries like Spain and Italy felt they only need contribute small amounts because countries like the UK have, then where will that leave climate control?

I don’t know the answer, and I agree that huge sums of money would be seem better spent on issues that effect needy people now, or getting the country out of the shite, but if all countries take that line, will history look back on that attitude with horror if we destroy the planet in the next few generations?.

Will the Tory’s do any better next year?, I very much doubt it. After the honeymoon period I’m sure we will be slagging them off just as much! They will no doubt use the ”we inherited a disaster” attitude for any of their failings for years to come!!