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@brianc_li wrote:

Still sounds like a con to me. 🙂

I´m not going near it and would strongly advise anyone else reading this n

ot to.

Sad fact of life, “You can’t educate pork”. You have made your opinion very clear, no one expects you to go anywhere near “it”, what baffles me, is, as you clearly know nothing about “it” why are you wasting your life (if you have one) standing on your soap box giving all and sundry the dubious benefit of your advice. What actually is your agenda ? It occurs to me there there must be a darker reason, for you not wanting anybody to take advantage of this new approach to property investment. By the way my friend there’s a clue for you. INVESTMENT. How many property purchases these days could truly be described as that ???? Long walk and short pier spring to mind. The rest of us grown ups who want to check out a variety of investment opportunities don’t need negativity, especially from an ill informed source. God bless the meek, sadly they don’t always inherit the Earth, and you know who loves a trier. Merry Christmas.