Reply To: How the Portuguese deal with complaints


I still cannot see the comparison between the Uk & Spain.

The UK government estimates about our economy are not corruption but incompetence!

The issue of state owned banks paying massive bonuses is not corruption but greed, & the banks not realising that the rules of the game have changed.

Yes, a number of MPs (I think it’s about 200 out 635) have made ‘dodgy’ & outragious claims on their expenses. I Don’t see that as ‘corruption’ but again as greed, & in some cases as fraud against the taxpayer.

Mandleson, again, not corruption but greed.

I’m not making light of what is happening here in the UK, but our problems are due to incompetence & stupidity, NOT CORRUPTION. Please read my previous post & you should be able to see the difference.

I still believe Spain is worse. The bribes to local mayors in return for granting building licenses, the collusion of lawyers & banks over bank guarantees, the collusion of Judges who refuse, even when the developer is guilty, to enforce their own laws, the disapearence of buyers deposits always on illegal developments, none of this happens in the UK.

Where in the UK, for example is a comparable case with Mr & Mrs Prior?

Another major difference is that action is taken here in the UK. For example those MPs who have not, & won’t pay back their over the top expenses will find themselves out of a job next year.

The backlash against the banks has already resulted in a massive tax hike on their bonuses.

What happens in Spain? Nothing!