Reply To: How the Portuguese deal with complaints



Please explain how property corruption is worse in the UK than Spain?

I’m interested to know how many illegal developments there are here in the UK, & how many buyers have lost their deposits due to corrupt developers & agents with the collusion of lawyers & banks.

Are there similar situations in the UK to Almanzora Country Club & Trampolin Hills where some 5000 buyers have been conned out of very substantial sums due to both developments being illegal? Indeed, at Trampolin Hills the developer didn’t even own the land! Where is the comparable case in the UK?

Perhaps you could also let me know how many built properties have been subsequently declared illegal in the UK, as has happened in the Almanzora Valley where 11,000 properties have been declared retrospectively illegal?

Can you let me know how many court cases there are in the UK concerning illegal, off plan developments?