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Yes all taken into account, money is not my concern when it comes to a holiday home, enjoyment of life is the main thing and the winter sun has a high value for me

I have a love of motorcycles and for me that winter period that my riding can continue has no price, after all we are not here for ever!

Petej, for most people money is the greatest concern when dealing with luxuries. And buying a holiday home is the biggest luxury of them all.

Winter sun and winter motorcycling can be had for at most 1/2 of the cost by renting 4-5 months during the winter instead of buying (the rentals are almost for free during the winter months, people seem to be just happy to have somebody live in their apartment for that period).

Flosmichael, yes fully agree that a Holiday home is probably the biggest luxury anyone would buy and money is the greatest importance, I was only speaking for myself in that for me this was not a concern when asked by logan if I had taken all the expenses into account.

Renting did go through my mind but not for long, wanted somewhere I could call home, keep my bikes, belongings etc