Reply To: closed auction


@robertacg wrote:

Sounds like a con to me too.

Why on earth do you suggest something sounds like a con ? please answer your many readers these questions.
1, have you actually been in touch with the administration company ?
2, have you had a meeting with the officially appointed lawyer ?
3, are you in possession of sufficient cash resources to participate in
this system of purchase.
I can guess your answer to the first two questions is NO, because if
the answers were yes, and you had the where-with-all as posed by question 3, you would know this is most definately no CON. What you
would have done is purchase an exceptionally cheap property, you would also relieved some bank somewhere of a little of it’s “toxic debt”and last but not least, because I guess you wouldn’t care either way you would help some poor person somewhere sleep a little more soundly, since the
bank are no longer hounding him for mortgage payments he simply
cannot meet.
To all you “doubting Thomases” instead of pontificating about something
which clearly most of you, know absolutely nothing about, and in all
probability could not participate in even if you wanted to. Relax, chill out,
as they say, and goodness sake, enjoy the season of good will. Life’s
shorter than you think.