Reply To: How the Portuguese deal with complaints


Oh I am sorry Tree: for me, corruption & injustice are equal to theft & fraud, I’m sorry you can’t see that.

Now, can you please explain why you think corruption (ie CRIME) & injustice are complex concepts?

In 1997 Tony Blair brought the European Human Rights Act into UK law.

I did not say that I find the elderly death rate in winter ‘tolerable’. I said it was a small percentage of the total population, WHICH IT IS, & that it is wrong that even one person dies. That is not tolerable or acceptable. It is not due to bad luck, or a failure in the system, & it is certainly not due to corruption or ‘institutional corruption’.

It also has nothing to do with this forum & property in Spain.

There is no comparison between the problems in Spain & the appalling winter deaths in the UK.

I do like the way you dismiss the Spanish situation as ‘for just some cases in some villages of the coast’.

In the Almanzora Valley there are 11,000 homes that have been declared ‘illegal’.

Almanzora Country club (never built) has 2000 buyers who have lost their money, Trampolin Hills (never built) has 2600 who have also lost their money. There are many more illegal developments ALL along the coast & there are thousands & thousands of buyers who have lost their money, & the total financial loss to the buyers & to Spain is billions! & you dismiss this as just some cases in some villages.

Oh, by the way, I don’t understand how complex it can be!