Reply To: How the Portuguese deal with complaints


Alan, you say: “why dont you just either debate posts or discuss…”
having already blasted us with “most of what tree says is in fact spot on, whether you like it or not“.

So much for debate. 😆

The trouble is this kind of hypocrisy makes you look a total….

The thing with you is, whereas you don’t actually ever post a ‘contribution’ as such to any thread (you merely pop up now and then to show support for the aggravators with the odd ‘Amen’) I do love it when you use words like ‘inept’ and ‘crass’. It’s so very Surrey.

But then you go and spoil it all by misspelling words like ‘response’ and ‘expected’ (“thats the sort of inept responce i exspected”. 🙄 ) which somehow takes the wind out of your trumpet if you get my drift.

Having said that I do admire the fact you think most of what tree says is ‘spot on’ as I have to be honest in that I don’t understand most of what tree says.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that tree has now admitted he’s bored, so it now seems we’re at last singing from the same hymn sheet. Only a fool can’t see that his posts are purely a wind-up that tantamount to spam by clogging up and destroying any thread he lands on with his incoherant ramblings. And spam should be banned.