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In my book True Investor = somebody who makes tons of money from the investment.
They sell when the price is high and buy again when the price is low.

Good luck with your lucrative investments.

Sorry, but your “book” is wrong and you are obviously not a serious investor yourself.

Why on earth would any property investment person or company sell any property when it is making money.
‘Property’ people buy and not sell. It is a timely cycle and if you have not the funds, don’t play the game, as you will end up like so many now find themselves in.

Buy the dream holiday home, then the market collapses. No buyers out there and nobody seeking to rent. The outcome being it does not ‘wash its face’.

Thank you for your good wishes with my own investments. 😉

Unfortunately for some at present the market is dire, but for the purchasers it is party time. Exact same as the last recession.

Hi Tim,

you are perfectly right, I am not a serious investor as I lack the serious money (was lucky though 4-5 times to buy/sell at the right moment in some countries).

But I know the theory. 😆

I agree with everything else you wrote in the last 2 postings.