Reply To: How the Portuguese deal with complaints



I agree with all that is said here about this case. I believe in fair play and justice applied equally. However anyone who has lived in Portugal and Spain for any length of time knows that the establishment who run the system does not. When you live in these countries I believe as a foreigner you have to accept a less than perfect situation or leave.
The alternative is courageous campaigning, taking the moral high ground with all that entails. History is littered with examples and eventually the system might or might not get changed, but usually not. It’s exhausting, expensive, grinds you down and creates high levels of personal stress. In my experience banging your head against a wall is only less painful when you stop.
In this case the lady in question has a long association with Portugal and must have anticipated where her actions would take her. The original case of neighbour dispute was settled, so why I ask did she think it worth it, well knowing the consequences?