Reply To: SPAIN – Not so good to retire to!


No, they’ll moan and groan about it without doing anything constructive normally.In 2007 a co-operative that rents 2/300,000m2 land opposite me startedto construct an irrigacion water deposit and I asked the neighbours ” is it legal”, no idea. ” where’s the water coming from as we are all on restrictions?”, no idea. ” why don’t you complain?” What’s the point they’ve friends in high place and it will end worse for us!
I even offered to make the complaint for them as I having voting rights with the comunidad de regantes, I am English and it is not a problem to me and also threats of water cuts don’t affect me. They declined as they said it will be known that you are doing it on our behalf and we will still get problems.
So nothing was done. When it was finished the water supply into and out of the deposit is by huge 3phase pumps, run by an unsilenced generator. The first time they were using it I went over at 1-30 in the morning, turned it off and took the fuses out and went back to bed.
In the morning I confronted the boss and said I had no problem with it running up to midnight but it wasn’t running during the night unless he put in a silenced generator, because it was not possible to sleep.
He threatened to call the police and I replied that’s a good idea, then I can make a complaint re: the legality of the deposit, the noise during the night, the fact that you are running it during the hours of 2pm-4pm when it is against the law and also why do you only fill it with water when it is fiesta days? No problems since but afterwards all the neighbours said thank you the noise was terrible! Sorry why didn’t you complain?

They’ll talk the hind legs off a donkey but very rarely will they do anything about it.