Reply To: SPAIN – Not so good to retire to!



I live just on the Outskirts of Lorca in the campo and the town has everything you could want as Melosine said. Solar panels are everywhere and they and also solar water heating are a requirement for any new construction. Failure to put these in means the council witholds the ‘certificate of habitation’ until they are installed.
Spain is also at the top of the list for world installed solar power for electricity.
Electricity prices are rising and will continue rising because the gov. sets the price and for many years has set a price below the cost of producing it or buying it in. The 3 main electricity suppliers have a combined defict of 16 billion euros.
My IBi ( council tax ) is 15,92e a year but then the house is 100+ years old.Also since the revaluation in 2005 the amount has dropped each year from the 24e i was paying when we bought the house.
Rubbish collection 12e every 2 mths. Adsl 25e a month+iva.
If I want to take the train into Murcia( 70km ) it’s about 6e return.Down to the beach by train,Águilas, 1,75 return. Museums, Excellent library,good schools.
Yes if you live on an urbanisation you have far more additional costs which can bring it up to British levels, but the running costs of my house , car, insurance,etc, are barely more than the 2000 pound council tax on my old house in the U.K