Reply To: La Cala, Los Arqueros or Sotogrande?



I live near Sotogrande and love this end of the Costa because it is not as built-up and commercialised as Marbella and surrounds. I like having Gib close. The marinas and beaches are the best. I don’t play golf but you can hardly go wrong if that’s your thing around here. Problem is the drive from Malaga Airport – you might think 1hr 9mins no problem but there are traffic bottlenecks to consider and I think you will get fed up with it.
I like La Cala but don’t know the other one.
I certainly agree with the rent a couple of times before you buy comments and when you do buy make sure it’s a thriving development with a good community and don’t be embarrassed to bargain like a rug-salesmen at a Moroccan market.
Good luck