Reply To: La Cala, Los Arqueros or Sotogrande?



Evening Folks, I had to reply to this one as i live in Los Arqueros, moved here just over a month ago. We were living further towards the coast but the new road is very unpredictable with regards to ease of traffic! From here we can use the back roads to get to Benahavis to go to Estepona, or the toll road to go to Marbella. From here there is a back road which takes us 9 minutes to Nueva Andalucia Centro Plza, from there you can drop to Banus, and as we found the other day (daughters birthday visit) 2 hours to Sevilla.

The complex we are in is very pretty but remote. Its very quiet now but I suspect not so during the UK holidays – most places seem owned by british or Irish and havent spoken to a Spaniard yet, apart from the gardeners etc! Phone signal is pants too, so back to Telefonica for adsl, the mobiles are fine but the 3g sticks only work on the terrace!

Closeby are 6 restaurants though I wouldnt want to walk to or from any of them except for the clubhouse here which apparently is good (havent tried yet)

There is supposed to be a local commercial centre but its a building site – I suspect nothing happening there for a long time. Howver, opencor and a very well stocked one, is 2 min drive away, there is a bar/restaurant with wifi and 24hr dvd hole in the wall, bank, indian, italian and an irish bar with live musinc about to pen, and a really well priced dry cleaners who havent ruined my dress yet!

No local transport so need a car and as I say, its remote! For me working hard I enjoy the peace and quiet, my hubby says he is starting to go stir crazy unless he gets out or I am around. We probably will move back towards the coast next year, circumstances keep us here at the moment.

What about San Pedro playa, we were there before and yo can walk everywhere for life if you want it, still peaceful and near the sea?

ps we have a golf course onsite as well as a few mins to golf valley with 4 of them, so no problem there!

Sotogrande is a ghost town most of the time, too remote and full of huge estates/villas. La cala is nice but overcrowded especially in summer and holiday times.

Best advice is come and rent, you will get a lovely 3 bed apartment for around 750 euros per month.

Good luck!