Reply To: La Cala, Los Arqueros or Sotogrande?



Thanks a lot Katy and Angela for taking the time!

Katy, east of Marbella is certainly an option as well. Relatives of my wife have a house in Nerja and they seem very happy there. THey are a bit older though. We have not visited yet, so no first hand impressions. Looks nice though.

I’m slowly drifting towards finding the nicest, family friendly non-golfing community; like you say good golf is available more or less everywhere within a 20 minutes drive. We probably wouldn’t rent it out so at least that’s one thing less to take into account…!

Angela, thanks for your comments. As mentioned above we’re not planning to rent out and we are focussing on Costa del Sol for climate reasons. We are mainly going to use it in the period Sep-May and in the winter months and Costa Blanca seems a little wetter and chillier?