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@goodstich44 wrote:

from Suzanne’s post on Graham Norwood’s report

”The good news is that they will stop this happening again in the future. The bad news is that almost nothing can be done to remedy the current mess. For the individual buyers left in the middle, you can only feel sadness.”

I can’t help feeling that something could be done to help those ‘individual buyers left in the middle’? How hard would it be for a fund to be set up by the Spanish government to compensate those most clearly wronged. If the government refuses to pay it’s due’s in this way, then a tiny proportion of the EU funds bound for Spain could be diverted to those wronged. There clearly are ways, but it’s much easier for those who could help to find excuses not to.

Goodstich – I agree, & wasn’t too keen on that comment either, but he’s entitled to it. None of us know how this will eventually pan out but surely the action taken now, however small or insignificant it may seem to others, will determine this. Any resignation to defeat before the battle is over is of no use at all.

Look what’s now happening here:
Turkish Government facing $400 Billion Class Action over Cyprus Property