Reply To: Radio 4 repossesions in the sun


The petition mentions
“….continuing legal fees; whether this be for appeal cases during litigation against developers, or fees for ‘regularizing’ their homes in Spain, homes that they were assured of at the time of purchase, by their own lawyers, were fully legal”.

We also shouldn’t forget the assurances purchasers received from the town halls themselves.
This is shown in Mark’s article a few months ago re. Trampolin Hills.

The article was about a purchaser who finally managed to receive his money back through the courts, and said he was
“careful about his choice of development, and even went as far as to talk to the local planning office in the town hall about Trampolin Hills.
He was told that the town hall was fully behind the development. It has since emerged that Trampolin Hills is plagued with planning irregularities”.

To those members here who often post “it’s your fault you got conned, you didn’t do your research properly”, please note. In Spain you can research until you’re blue in the face but with crooked town halls giving c*** information, brown envelopes making mattresses bumpy, and to top it all new laws being applied retrospectively, buying in Spain can be a lottery.
Bent lawyers and EA’s are almost just a supporting act.

Suzanne – having not seen the petition for quite some time, I have to say I’m very impressed by how professional it looks onscreen. Great job.