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@mark wrote:

Mayors and developers are arrested, thrown in jail, and prosecuted…

Just wish they’d keep them in there. When the Malaya case broke in 2006 many of the developers we are still battling with were arrested, charged, but out on bail a few nights later. They still haven’t had their criminal hearings, which are scheduled for March 2010 appx – four years later.

During which time, of those who haven’t gone bankcrupt, many have hidden their money, continue to postpone hearings & are allowed to appeal cases which are directly related to their criminal charges years ago. And their victims can do little else than wait & pay continuing legal fees in an effort to reach justice. And when they do finally ‘win’, with no more opportunities for the developer to appeal, they still have an ongoing battle to get justice – whatever the ‘law’ has ruled for them. 😡