Reply To: EU Funding to Spain



El anciano/Claire

I had to replace brake discs on my car (only it’s second mot) recently, and my local garage informed me that the discs had not worn out but were dangerously corroded while still having lots of wear left, so must have been faulty from new. I complained about this to my local Fiat garage, who as good as said said ‘tough luck’, and still wouldn’t offer anything even after seeing the discs and knowing I had used their services on several previous occasions. They refused to contribute in any shape or form. I then took the issue to Fiat national customer care, who eventually agreed the discs were falling apart well before their time, and refunded me the cost of fitted new disks. Had it not been for the customer care section, I would have been swindled by a large Fiat garage (motorvogue Northampton), so just shows how important our consumer rights are, but you really have to know your rights and get to the right people!