Reply To: EU Funding to Spain




while on the first day of our family holiday last year in Italy, I gave my kids £10.00 each to buy a body board each in the site camp shop. After using them for about 1 hour, my sons one snapped in half, so I moaned at him, saying ”be more careful, you will have to share your sisters one now.”…….no chance, sister wouldn’t let him near it. About 5 mins later hers snapped in half also and she is much more careful, so it was obvious these boards were rubbish. I took them back saying we have only had these for an hour and I want my money back, or an exchange for better boards as these are faulty or just useless. The shop owner went mad in a stereotypical Italian way and wouldn’t hear of an exchange that alone a refund, and screamed that in Italy things are done differently!!. Anyway I ended up telling eveyone who walked in the shop that it was all rubbish. After about 5 mins, she virtually threw the money back at me and banned my whole family from the shop!!……..Welcome to Italy eh?

So yes, I feel to lose our consumer rights would indeed be a disaster and lead to the poor quality and unchecked corruption and bullying we see in countries like Spain, Italy, greece etc.