Reply To: EU Funding to Spain



Did any of you read about how the EU intend to put a stop to all retail refunds!!!! šŸ˜Æ

EU BUREAUCRATS want to end the right of shoppers to get their money back for shoddy goods.

This would end the 100 years of protection British consumers have enjoyed.

For more than a century, shops have offered refunds to people who return unwanted or faulty goods.

Plans by the European Union to ā€œharmoniseā€ consumer law will short-change them by removing that right and weakening safeguards.

Ministers have vowed to fight the Consumer Rights Directive but the UK Government has no power to stop the change if it is backed by the majority of European Union states.

Worse still, if the law is passed retailers will be banned from ā€œgold-platingā€ the legislation by continuing to offer money- back guarantees.

We all know how there is no consumer law that protects people in Spain. Once the Lisbon Treaty is sealed, we really will be doomed I feel. So much for the promise of the UK being given a vote on this very important legislation. Tony Blair and the Labour government have a lot to answer for….far worse than any other Government in UK history.