Reply To: Is Spain cheaper than the UK?


Flosmichael wrote:
Alcampo in Marbella was the best supermarket I saw in Spain. The second best was
Eroski in Fuengirola.”

Well, that’s only an opinion of a person who have been in Spain for a few weeks…or you are kidding.
Let’s go with an Spaniard opinion:
• In basic products more or less all the supermarkets have the same prices, is a marketing rule.
• When there are different prices is when you look for quality products.
• There is a direct relation between economic power of the customer and where he decide to buy.
• For the Spaniards (Valencia and Madrid) quality is “MERCADONA” and “EL CORTE INGLES” and his branch “HIPERCOR”.
• In fact, you can realize how wealthy is the economy of a city looking for how many CORTE INGLES it have.

In few words, if you buy in Mercadona or Hipercor, people (Spaniards) will think that you are cool, have good taste and you are at least a middle class customer,…if you buy where you have said, people will think that you don’t care about the quality of the food or in the best place that you buy in the nearest place of your home,…if you have a Corte Ingles packet for a present you are cool, if you have a packet of the shops you mention,…it’s not the same.
Of course that is only a subjective opinion, but based in the real Spanish market,…could be that what you call quality is different,…but I don’t think so,…is just a problem of too many opinions from a person that don’t know too well the Spanish reality.